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The goal of the Rational Future Institute is to create a cultural awareness of the principles of ideal rationality and of the ways we humans predictably deviate from rational thinking.

The RFI is non-partisan, and does not advocate for specific conclusions to social, scientific, moral or political arguments. Our focus is on ideal rational methods and creating public awareness of cognitive bias.

An Introduction

What is rational thinking?

To err is human. We all think irrationally from time to time, and we can all name other people who we believe are guilty of thinking irrationally about some topic or other. Yet, despite the importance of rationality in our daily lives, there’s one question that’s rarely discussed or even considered: What exactly does it mean to think rationally?

Ask your friends and co-workers this question, and you'll quickly discover that the vast majority of people cannot give you a precise answer.

We believe that our culture should be literate in the principles of rationality, and that everyone should have an appreciation for our cognitive biases and limitations.

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  • What are the best ways to teach people about rationality and cognitive bias?
  • What are the best ways to correct for cognitive bias?
  • What technological tools can we create to help us cope with information overload?

A Certificate In Rational Theory
The ability to understand one's reasoning and detect cognitive bias is no guarantee that one will overcome one's bias. However, understanding reason and cognitive bias might be a significant first step towards rational tendencies, and it certainly would be useful knowledge for analysts who want to design systems that promote good decision-making.

We propose creating a course on the theory of cognitive bias and ideal rational principles, and a corresponding test of this knowledge.

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